How to Prepare for Termite Fumigation

December 8. 2017

While sleeping in a tent in the backyard is what great summers are made of, having to cover your house in a tent to get rid of termites just doesn't have the same power to bring enjoyment to your life unless you look at it over the long term. At Champion Termite & Pest Control in St. Augustine, FL, we know that getting rid of termites will help you maintain and improve the value of your home. It will also help you sleep better. Termites not only create structural damage, they can be noisy! What do you need to do to prepare your home?

Move It! Move It!

During termite fumigation, you, your family, and your indoor pets will need a place to stay. Your open food needs to go, too, though it can be double-sealed if the fumigator provides bags to do so. Your home will have poison pumped into it. It is deadly for the termites and dangerous for you. You don't want to inhale the fumes or ingest the poison residue at a later date.

Really Open Up

Think of termite control like psychiatric therapy for your home: It won't help unless your home really opens up to get to the skeletons and everything else in the closet. Every door needs to be open, including safe doors, cupboards, and appliances. Drawers will also need to be opened. Do not leave anything closed.

Expose the Foundation

With termite removal, there's a tent. This tent will be placed around your home. Your foundation needs to be exposed by raking back gravel and possibly removing plants that are too close to it. That will give the fumigation team the room it needs to put the tent down. Your fumigator can help you know which plants need to be removed.

The Keys to Success

The fumigator will need to access your home for termite treatment in St Augustine, FL. It's best to leave them the keys. Your home will be protected during the fumigation process and locked when the process is done. It is important for you to remain away from the house until the fumigator has given you the all-clear sign. Once you are able to go home again, you will be able to breathe a little easier knowing that you have gotten rid of a terrible problem. Termites are no fun; fortunately, there are professionals who can make sure that they don't ruin your house.