When to call For Pest control service

July 6th, 2017

Everyone knows what a pest exterminator does, but how do you know when it's time to call for their services? Should you wait until there's an all-out infestation in your home? If you work in an office, should you call for commercial pest control when customers complain? It's tough to know when it's time to pick up the phone, especially if you are in denial about your pest struggles.

Here is a complete list of signs you need to call home pest control in Middleburg today:

·         You have sighted a large pest, like a mouse or rat, even once

·         You have moved into a new home and want 24-hour pest protection

·         You're allergic to certain insects or their bites and summertime has arrived

·         There are signs of claw marks or holes in the exterior of your home

·         There are signs of torn walls or insulation anywhere inside your home

·         You see insects gathered around drains

·         You notice flies and gnats around bowls of fruit and other food left out in the open

·         There are clawing or digging sounds in your attic, especially at night

·         You notice small droppings--black seed-shaped or rice-shaped drops--anywhere in your home

·         You have found dead ants or spiders in corners on the countertops or the floor

·         You have a sighting of a large cockroach--a sign that there are several others nearby

·         You have woken up in the morning with small bites on your body

·         There has been a single bed bug sighting

·         You have noticed local pest control services visiting your neighbors--there may be a neighborhood-wide infestation

·         You're afraid of spiders and don't want to see a single one indoors

·         You have seen wasps building nests on your porch or patio

·         You have a sudden spike in allergy symptoms that you cannot attribute to local plants--ragweed or oak pollen, for example

·         There is a urine smell coming from your walls

·         Your pets seem to sniff along floorboards or the walls repeatedly--this means they have spotted something you can't

If any of the above apply to you and your property, you need to contact HOME PEST CONTROL IN MIDDLEBERG as soon as possible.