Benefits of Thermal Remediation Heat Treatment for Bugs Control

Bed bug If you've ever had bed bugs, then you'd know that they are somewhere close to the worst thing in history. They can cause itching, discomfort, rashes, and they're just really nasty thing to have in your living quarters. What's worse is they thrive where humans are present. More and more, homeowners are turning to thermal radiation treatment for bed bug remediation in St. Augustine. Here are a few reasons why.


No one wants bed bugs in their home, but you don't really want poisons in your home either. with heat treatment, no chemicals are used. That means there's no chance of unwanted chemicals getting anywhere in your living space, or near your food, or your pets. Besides, the chemicals they use in fumigation don't exactly do wonders for the environment.

Quick and Easy

Traditional extermination can take several attempts before finally eliminating all the pests. Heat treatment requires a single session. That's it. Heat kills off bed bugs in all their life stages, from eggs, to larvae, to adults.

No Spot Is Missed

Bed bugs thrive in the smallest crevices in your home. They live in folds in furniture, and cracks in walls. They can hide all they want from heat, but it will always find them. You can't say that about fumigation.

You Don't Have to Leave Your Home

You don't have to evacuate, and no giant tent is required. Nothing in the room where the treatment is taking place is in danger of being destroyed or contaminated. Once the process is over, you can go back to your life as if nothing happened.

Completely Safe to Your Possessions

Sometimes, bed bugs can hide in electronics, or pieces of furniture that you wouldn't particularly want doused in heavy chemicals. In the past, you may have had to destroy these things, but with thermal remediation, they can remain in place where the heat will destroy any bedbugs without damaging the items.

It's bad enough having to deal with bed bugs, but the problem is only made worse if you have to deal with fumigation. That's why it's wise to consider bed bug heat treatment in St. Augustine, FL.