Common Pests in St. Augustine, Florida

Finding bedbugs The Love of Florida

Everybody loves Florida, and why not? There’s no shortage of ocean-front beaches, the weather is almost always warm and sunny, and Florida boasts some of the most popular theme parks in the world. Do you know what else loves Florida? Bugs, bugs love Florida. Especially bugs that appreciate the warm climate such as termites and bedbugs. Without fear of freezing, subterranean termites are common in Florida and although bedbugs occur nearly everywhere, discarded furniture and empty apartments that never freeze are good, safe hiding places.


Pest control companies in St. Augustine have become quite adept at dealing with termites and know what you should look for. Termites swarm in mass and fly out to establish new colonies. When they find a new home, such as yours, they discard their wings. Discarded wings around window and doors could be a sign that your home is infested. Keep an eye out for discolored or drooping drywall that may resemble water damage or buckling wood. Subterranean termites may enter your home through mud tubes that you might notice around your foundation. Termites construct these tubes form dirt, their own saliva, and tiny pieces of wood.


St. Augustine pest control companies are also experienced with bedbugs. Besides small, red welts on your skin, bedbugs leave a musty odor from their scent glands that may indicate their presence. If you’re noticing small blood spots on your sheets, tiny fecal spots on mattresses and bedding, or shed and cast bug exoskeletons, chances are you have a bedbug infestation.


The good news is these common pests are easily managed. Contact Champion Termite & Pest Control to get your free estimate.