How To Tell You’ve Been Bitten By A Bed Bug

May 13th, 2016

It can be difficult to identify that your home has bed bugs until you notice bites on your body. Unfortunately, infestations often go unnoticed before this point, so it’s important to identify bites and other indications of these pests as soon as possible in order to treat your home appropriately and get rid of bed bugs quickly.

Bed Bug

Bite Identification

Bed bug bites can be hard to identify because they may not cause any irritation initially. Many people don’t develop a reaction to the bites for a few days or weeks so they can go unnoticed for quite some time. These bites are often painless at first and may look like small, red welts on the skin. They can also appear in small clusters or zigzag lines. Sensitivity may develop over time, causing increasing itchiness, while some people may even develop hives or serious welts.

Other Infestation Indicators

Whether or not you are sensitive to bed bug bites, there are other indicators to look for when you suspect a bed bug infestation. Look for small red smears on the bedding, which are blood stains left from the small bites. There will also probably be small, brown spots on the bedding which are from the bed bug fecal matter. Bed bugs and their eggs are extremely difficult to spot since bed bugs feed during the night and hide during the day, but there may be eggs along baseboards or in small cracks in the mattress or headboard. These eggs are very small and translucent.

Treating Bed Bug Infestations

Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming more common throughout the country, and Florida is no exception. This is because they are easily transported from hotels, gyms, and others’ homes on clothing, pillows, and luggage. They can also be extremely difficult to completely eradicate, so if you do have bed bugs, be sure to get professional St. Augustine, FL, bed bug treatment right away.


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