Most Common Hiding Places of Pests

Spider If you own a home, you know how hard it can be to track down and eliminate pests on your own. It helps if you know where they hide, but many hiding places are just too difficult to get to and effectively treat for the average homeowner. In Middleburg, FL, termite protection should come from professionals if you truly want to protect your home from damage. Below, you'll find some common places pests like to make their nests.

Rotting Wood

If you have dirt or mulch that rides up to the side of your house and touches your siding or wood walls, you can bet there'll be pests living in the that area. The dark, warmth, and collected moisture make for a luxury living situation. When the wood starts to rot, it becomes even better. Move dirt, mulch, and other debris away from the wood of your home and make sure it only touches the foundation areas.

In the Gutter

If leaves and other debris clog your gutters, you’ll find that certain insects move in quickly. Not only does the actual debris in the gutter make for a nice residence, the places where water overflows can create a moist area that pests love, either on the house itself as the wood rots or at ground level. Mosquitoes love the standing water that accumulates as well.

Keep 'Em Out

In Middleburg, FL, termite protection is more than hiring someone to come out and kill the bugs. It's making sure that you don't invite them into your home in the first place. By calling a pest control specialist and getting your home looked at, you may be able to take the necessary precautions to avoid opening up a termite hotel. By making a few changes and keeping the area around the home clean and in good repair, you won't have to say goodbye to any pests because they won't darken your doorstep.