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Florida is home to more than 12,500 insect species and, without adequate prevention, some of them will likely end up inside your home sooner or later. When it comes to effective home pest control in Palatka, experience is important. At Champion Termite & Pest Control, our services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and more than 30 years of experience clearing out pesky insects and preventing future infestations. Give us a call (386) 329-9700.


Whether you are concerned about pests, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, or any other insects, Champion Termite & Pest Control can safely and effectively treat your home at competitive service rates. We offer a new service at 10% discount for veterans, military personnel, and seniors.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Palatka

The issue with bed bugs is that you seldom realize you have a problem because most people have only minor or no reaction to their bite. Bed bugs travel, and are easily transported in luggage, gym bags, and on clothing. Not only are they difficult to spot without professional help, they are hard to eradicate, and require an experienced bed bug exterminator.

 Our bed bug elimination service includes the following:

  • Thorough inspection of your home or business by trained professionals
  • Strategic vacuuming with hi-tech HEPA equipment
  • Thermal remediation heat treatment
  • Environmentally friendly green insecticides to wall voids and heavily infested areas
  • 2 follow-up inspections after initial service to ensure bedbugs remain gone

$100 off initial heat remediation treatment for bed bugs to new customers.

Champion Termite & Pest Control’s bed bug heat remediation is a highly effective tool to rid infested areas of this pest. We also use environmentally friendly insecticides to treat heavily affected areas, such as inside walls. Don’t wait until your home is infested with unwanted pests. Call us today (386) 329-9700 to arrange for a free inspection, and let us show you why our customers say we’re the very best pest control service in Palatka.

Pest Control Services Palatka

The first step in effective pest control is to identify the pests so that they can be exterminated. We offer free inspections of your home and property by an experienced member of our team. Our inspections include a thorough check of every possible place that bugs like to hide and breed, including crawl spaces, attics, and around plumbing fixtures. Once the pests are identified, we’ll discuss the issue with you and provide options for treatment as well as an estimate of the cost. There is never an obligation.

When you call Champion Termite & Pest Control, you can be assured that the products we use for our pest control services in your Palatka home are safe and environmentally friendly. Unlike other pest control companies, we do not require that you leave your home during our treatment process. No need to clean out your kitchen cabinets or remove pets. Our extermination techniques and products allow us to work around your household items instead. Give us a call today  (386) 329-9700

Termite Control Palatka

No matter where you live in Florida, it is just a matter of time before you will be forced to deal with termites. There are four species of termites in the state, so home inspections and termite control in Palatka are common requests from our customers. Not only do we perform effective termite extermination services, we also offer preventative termite control for year-round protection. Subterranean termites are the most voracious species, causing millions of dollars in damage every year to homes across the U.S. We offer a 100% guarantee on our termite treatment options in Palatka, and will return to your home for additional treatments if there is any further sign of termites. Give us a call today (386) 329-9700