Signs of Termite Damage: When to Call a Termite Exterminator

April 27th, 2016

In hot, humid areas such as Palatka, FL, termites are an unavoidable problem. The nasty little pests thrive in heat and humidity, and the problems they create can be lasting and expensive. Maintaining a watchful eye can allow for early detection, minimizing the problem and keeping costs down. Termite problems can pop up at any time, so knowing what to look for can be helpful when trying to identify the source of damage in a home. Read on to learn about signs of termite damage and termite control in Jacksonville.

Early Warning Signs

The best time to catch termites in the home is before they do any damage. Watching for signs of termites allows time to bring in a professional who can get rid of them before they start causing problems. Termite swarms leave wings behind, can cause cracked or warped paint in the home, and leave mud tubes on exterior walls. These tubes are brown, dry, and cylindrical. Additionally, finding large groups of winged insects in the home is a sure sign that something should be done about termites.

Advanced Infestations

After the initial stages of termite infestation, termites eat their way through wood, producing beneficial biological wastes but wreaking damage in homes. Signs of more advanced infestations include hollow-sounding wood, droppings left throughout your home (frass pellets that look smooth, dry, and powdery), sagging floors, damage to walls or ceilings, and other signs that indicate that the wood of the home has been damaged.

Steps to Take

If mud tubes are found on exterior walls, they can be cut open and inspected. If live termites are found, an active infestation is underway. However, if they are empty, this might not be the case. Catching a live termite from inside or outside the home can be beneficial, since it can be identified by a termite professional in Palatka, FL . Furniture should be moved away from walls to prevent damage and spreading, and a termite exterminator should be called immediately.