10 Pest Control Solutions Safe For Pets

Pest removal is vital in preventing the spread of disease in both humans and pets, but those looking to find solutions on their own should be extra careful. Some pesticides, while harmless to people, may prove dangerous to cats, dogs, and other animals. Even natural alternatives, often touted as being risk-free, could be harmful to pets in the long-run.

Before you decide on pesticides or professional pest control services in St. Augustine, learn what solutions and strategies work best for both you and your furry friends with the help of our pest exterminators at Champion Termite & Pest Control.

Pest Control Services Safe For Pets

1. Use Natural Insecticides With Caution

Pet owners might be compelled to rely on natural insecticides out of fear of poisoning their pets with artificial alternatives. In the long run, natural substances aren’t as effective as artificial insecticides for combatting larger-scale infestations. Some do-it-yourself, natural insecticides may seem harmless to humans but could jeopardize the health of pets. Garlic, for example, has become a popular alternative for termite pest control, but if enough is consumed by your curious cat or dog, it can cause severe gastrointestinal problems. On the other hand, commercial insecticides are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulated and therefore proven safe to use. If you are unsure what will work best for your pet, contact Champion Termite & Pest Control.

2. Inspect & Prevent

Before deciding on a pesticide, you need to know what you’re up against. Your home should be thoroughly inspected to identify what kinds of pests are present and where they’re coming from. Doing so on your own can be difficult considering pests tend to live in hidden areas around your home. To ensure better results, entrust this job to a pest control company in St. Augustine. Once all pests have been identified, our exterminators recommend eliminating potential breeding grounds where pests might be thriving, such as exposed water and food containers. Inspecting for and preventing the spread of pests can help you and an exterminator narrow down what pest control solutions are needed.

3. Use Quick-Dry Pesticides

There’s no need to worry about your pet exploring areas where insecticide was applied. Our commercial spray pesticides have very low concentrations of poison — strong enough to take care of small bugs, but harmless to you or your pets. If you are worried about your pets getting some of the liquid on them, use quick-dry pesticides and cage your cats and dogs until the liquid has dried (approximately 1–2 hours).

4. Invite Birds Onto Your Property

If backyard pests are becoming an issue, invite birds onto your property to get rid of pests. Install feeders and fountains to lure the birds in — they are especially adept at eating insects that may be damaging your trees, grass or garden. If you have cats, however, keep them away from the birds or refrain from attracting the birds as cats are natural predators to flocks.

5. Utilize Garden Insects

Similar to birds, some garden insects, such as ladybugs, can help you get rid of pests eating your garden. Garden insects are a great alternative to commercial fertilizers filled with pesticides, as these may include dog meal or other ingredients that may appeal to animals but could ultimately harm them.

6. Don’t Forget Your Fish Tank & Bird Cage

Pest control doesn’t only affect cats and dogs! Remember that aerosol products have a greater effect on reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish. If using a spray insecticide, cover fish tanks and bird cages until the liquid solution has settled to protect your pets from asphyxiation.

7. Use Poisons With Antidotes

When given the choice, opt for pesticides with antidotes available. This can be a lifesaver in the unlikely case your pet gets poisoned. Many new commercial pest control solutions include antidotes to give customers greater peace of mind.

8. Set Up Bait Stations

A greater number of commercial pesticides now include plastic casings known as bait stations. These make pesticides safer to handle and reduce the chance of pets becoming poisoned. If available, use bait station traps and set them as far away from pets as possible.

9. Contact A Pet-Friendly Pest Control Company

There is perhaps no better way to ensure the safety of your pets than entrusting the removal of pests to a pest exterminator. Champion Termite & Pest Control can help with the removal of all pests in your home. We only use pet-friendly pesticides of the highest quality available on the market. Contact us today if your home might be the site of a severe infestation.

10. Listen To Your Veterinarian

The best way to understand the health of your pets is to seek the advice of a veterinarian. If you suspect your pet to be afflicted by parasites or bed bugs, schedule a visit to your veterinarian right away. Identifying a problem early will make it easier to treat down the line.


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