Bug Bites Could Be Coming From Inside Your Home

June 18, 2019

Summer is here, and with the warmer months come biting insects. Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to apply bug spray before you leave the house; it’s also important to protect the inside ... ...

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Inspect For Pests Before You Buy A New House

June 15, 2019

For most people, their home is the most important investment of their lives. Before closing on a home, it’s vital to have the house inspected to ensure the homebuyer ...

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Termites Are Swarming Now

May 2, 2019

Finally, the sun is shining, and the days are getting longer, and spring is here. Unfortunately, something else is in the air in northeast Florida: termites. Though swarms occur in warming weather, generally following a rain storm, it isn’t the warmth that causes the winged bugs to fly. Instead, termite swarms are part of ...

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Does Mulch In Your Yard Attract Termites?

April 20, 2019

Mulch is an excellent feature for protecting your plants. It not only makes flower beds and tree beds look good, it also helps trap moisture, prevent the growth of weeds, and even protects the roots of your valuable plants. Mulch is typically made from organic residue, including hay, straw, and the remains of larger plants...

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Signs You Need A Pest Control Service In Your Home

April 15, 2019

There’s no denying that bugs come with the package when living in NE Florida. Due to Florida’s humid climate spiders, ants, mosquitos, ticks, and other creepy crawlies tend to be unwelcomed houseguests often. The good news is that Champion Termite & Pest Control knows how to get rid of these ...

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The Importance Of A Bed Bug Inspection

April 10, 2019

Pests of all kinds can have an extremely negative effect on your home, and almost none are as dangerous as bed bugs. Pest control companies in Palatka are aware of how pervasive bed bugs can be and how difficult it can be to get rid of them. You should hire their services regularly to inspect ...

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Removing Drywood Termites From Your Home

April 4, 2019

Termites in your home is definitely a concerning problem, and termite infestations left unchecked can unfortunately cause serious damage to your home. You should always let professional pest control services in Middleburg, FL, address this problem. Here's some information you need to know about the process pest control companies in Middleburg have to go through ...

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A Guide To Bed Bug Treatment Types

March 29, 2019

You've heard of hotels with bedbugs, but, unfortunately, bedbugs can find their way into your home as well. You can pick them up on your clothing or your luggage when you travel and bring them back home with you. Bedbugs may enter your home with an old piece of furniture you buy. If you visit ...

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Choosing The Right Home Termite Treatment Service

March 21, 2019

Termites are a homeowner’s worst enemy. These sneaky insects burrow deep into the foundation of your home and eat away at the wood. Over time, it can cause structural issues and severe damage to your home. That’s why termite fumigation in St. Augustine, FL, is so important. This home treatment service destroys the termites already ...

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What To Know About Bed Bug Heat Treatments

March 18, 2019

Many homeowners are often surprised to find out that the old saying, “Don't let the bed bugs bite,” isn't just a phrase that's said by parents to young children. It's actually a real problem, and there's no guaranteed way to keep bed bugs from entering your ...

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