Types of Pests and Damages Caused by Them

June 27, 2017

Without certain insects, decomposition wouldn’t happen and trash would build up worldwide. While insects are important, there is a time and a place for them and your house certainly isn’t one of those places. Unfortunately, pests have no respect of personal property. You may find them in your home and yard causing all sorts of problems. Don’t allow these bugs to cause destruction. Instead, it’s important to recognize the damage and take action immediately.

Perhaps the most well-known, damage-causing pests are termites. These tiny bugs feed on wood. Even if the exterior of your home is siding or stucco, the interior framework is what will draw them in. Termites can gain access to your home through a crack the size of a debit card. From there, they’ll eat cabinets, furniture, and the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until extensive damage has been done to perform any sort of extermination.

Wood-boring beetles are another breed of pests that can destroy your home. Because it can take six to ten years for their damage to be noticed, many homeowners don’t even realize that they’re under attack. Luckily, newer homes are typically outfitted with wood that repels these harmful pests, reducing the amount of destruction done.

While the damage done by bed bugs may not be structural, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t expensive to fix. Bed bugs tend to dwell in bedding, mattress, and pillows. They feed on dead skin cells and prefer warm, dark places. Once infested, all infected property must be treated. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace damaged items—costing you money each time they appear.

If you begin to notice holes in your clothes, rugs, carpet, or curtains, you may have a moth problem. While moths themselves don’t eat fabric, their larvae do. After hatching, these tiny larvae will eat any sort of upholstery that they can find while they grow – which can take three to four months.

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