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Cockroaches — this stomach-turning, disease-spreading, eons-old insect species are some of the most dreaded and, unfortunately, common household pests in the world. Worse yet, Florida’s hot and humid climate makes the Sunshine State a paradise for various cockroach species. Once a horde of cockroaches infests a commercial or residential property, they can be tricky to dispel without the assistance of a pest control professional. Accordingly, the minute you notice any cockroaches hanging around your home or business, reach out to Champion Termite and Pest Control, Inc. for effective and affordable pest control services from our experienced cockroach exterminators!

Our pest control company offers all-encompassing pest control solutions to protect properties from cockroach infestations in Palatka, Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Middleburg, Orange Park, St. Augustine, and Starke. Contact us today to schedule a free pest inspection!


When To Call A Cockroach Exterminator

As a rule of thumb, the best time to call a cockroach exterminator is the moment you notice a cockroach in your home or business. Obviously, there’s always a chance a single cockroach merely strayed from its nest and onto your property, but it’s far more likely others are lurking around your property. It is easiest to treat cockroaches while infestations are still in the early stages, so don’t hesitate to schedule a cockroach inspection if you notice one of these creepy crawlies hanging around your property. Our roach exterminators offer a free initial property inspection so home and business owners can catch budding infestations early and schedule the services they need to keep their property pest-free!

Signs Of A Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects that tend to try and stay out of sight, making their way around kitchens in the dead of night and slinking back into their hiding places come morning time. Unfortunately, these sneaky habits can make it challenging for property owners to recognize when a cockroach infestation is developing. Accordingly, home and business owners should watch for these telltale signs of a cockroach infestation around their property.

  • Oval-shaped egg cases behind furniture
  • Cockroach droppings resembling coffee grounds
  • An unusual, musty odor
  • Chew marks on food packaging, leather furniture, and books
  • Dark brown smear marks on walls and baseboards
  • Shed cockroach skins

Comprehensive Cockroach Control & Prevention Services

At Champion Termite and Pest Control, Inc., we combine the latest innovations in pest control technology with the skill and experience of our highly-trained exterminators to provide our clients with effective cockroach extermination and prevention solutions. The process starts with an inspection of your property to determine whether there is an infestation or conditions that may result in one. After the initial inspection, our skilled pest professionals craft a customized plan of action to eradicate pests from your property and keep them from returning in the future. Generally, we enact a 12-step pest control process that includes the following.

  1. Bait Around Trees & Shrubs
  2. 3-Foot Band Of Moisture Activated Granule
  3. Sweep Down Exterior For Service
  4. Apply Clear Drying Barrier To Exterior
  5. Treat Attic & Crawl Space
  6. Inject Dust In-Wall Outlets
  1. Inject Bath & Kitchen Kickplates
  2. Bait Under Heavy Appliances
  3. Treat Interior Cracks & Crevices
  4. Apply Gel Bait
  5. Ten-Day Follow-Up Service Call
  6. Six-Month Follow-Up*

*First Four Steps Repeated

Cockroach FAQs

Cockroaches are small insects with flat, oval-shaped bodies and have six long, spiny legs. Most cockroaches are reddish-brown, with some being darker or lighter depending on the species. For more information on the different species of cockroaches in Florida, check out our pest identification guide.

Cockroach eggs will vary slightly in appearance depending upon the species, but, in general, most cockroach eggs will be white once first laid and gradually grow darker, becoming reddish-brown with time. Cockroach eggs are tiny and are commonly found in the corners of pantries, closets, cabinets, and other hidden away places.

While they don’t bite or sting, cockroaches are notorious harbingers of disease. Additionally, cockroach droppings, saliva, and shed skin are all known to release particles that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Yes. Roaches have a fast reproduction cycle, and a female can produce anywhere between 200–300 offspring in a year. Because of this, it’s best to schedule roach extermination services as soon as you notice one or two hanging around your property.


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When it comes to pest infestations, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Rest easy knowing that your property is pest-free with our pest control and extermination technicians. We offer free inspections and price quotes both for residential and commercial customers in Palatka, FL, and surrounding areas.

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