Early Signs Of Bed Bugs To Look Out For

Bed bugs are a menace that can disrupt your sleep and leave you with itchy bites. These tiny, wingless pests are difficult to detect and can quickly infest your home without your knowledge. However, if you spot early signs of bed bugs, you can save yourself from a full-blown infestation. These early signs of bed bugs can help you identify them before they become established. If you suspect bed bugs are wreaking havoc in your home, contact our experienced pest control company today to schedule a comprehensive inspection and extermination services.

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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are undeniably one of the most dreaded household pests due to their ability to infest bedding, mattresses, and furniture. These household pests are wingless with an oval body structure. Their reddish-brown coloration, short antennae, and 6 legs are distinguishing features that set them apart from other insects. Adult bed bugs measure between 4–7 mm long and have a distinct large abdomen.

Small Bites

If you wake up with small, red, itchy bumps on your body, it may indicate the presence of bed bugs. For most people, noticing a bite is often the first warning sign of a potential infestation. Bed bugs are parasitic and tend to bite unprotected body areas, such as the face, neck, arms, and legs. It is important to take action promptly if you suspect a bed bug problem, as infestations can quickly grow out of control if left untreated.


One of the key indicators that bed bugs may be lurking around is an unusual odor. This odor is often described as musty and sweet with a hint of fruitiness, akin to raspberries or coriander. However, more severe infestations can unleash a smell resembling that of wet towels, rust, or even moldy laundry. These distinct scents result from the bed bugs' pheromones that attract mates and signal an alarm to other bed bugs. As such, homeowners should be vigilant of any unfamiliar musty or sweet smells within their living spaces as they may be a tell-tale sign of a bed bug infestation.

Look In Hiding Spots

These pests are incredibly resilient and can hide in crevices and cracks, providing ample protection and easy access to their hosts for feeding. Bed bug hiding spots can vary greatly and may often include the seams of mattresses, furniture joints, inside cracks and crevices within walls and baseboards, and even inside electrical outlets or along the folds of curtains. Bed bugs can also lay eggs in these hiding spots and leave behind their shell castings. Therefore, carefully examining these hiding spots for any signs of eggs, sheddings, or live bed bugs will help prevent a bed bug infestation from developing in your home.


Pest Control

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