Early Stage Termite Damage: 4 Signs To Look Out For

Termites are a group of detritophagous eusocial insects that are known for consuming decaying plant material such as wood, foliage, and soil humus. These pests are infamous for the severe damage they can cause to property by eating through wood and weakening the structural integrity of buildings. What’s more, these pests can indirectly affect your and your family's health by spreading disease or causing damage that promotes mold growth in your home.

Knowing how to identify the presence of termites in your home is essential to preventing damage to your property. Below, the experienced exterminators with our pest control company outline four signs of early-stage termite damage.

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Stuck Windows & Doors

Have you noticed that a particular door or window around your home has recently become harder to open or close? That stuck window or door may very well be a sign of a budding termite infestation. This is because the first things termites tend to target are easy-to-reach locations around the home, such as windows and door frames. Of course, as termites eat their way through the wood around windows and door frames, they can cause damage that makes those doors and windows harder to open and close.

Termite Holes

One of the most common signs of termites is tiny holes in wood around your property. These tiny holes are the mark of a particular species of termite known as dry wood termites. When dry wood termite swarmers leave the nest, they make tiny round exit holes. Although termites can make holes like these at any time of the year, they’re most commonly found during mating season in the springtime. Unfortunately, when swarmers make these exit holes, the nymphs inside will fill them, making them much harder to spot. However, a termite expert, such as a termite exterminator from Champion Termite & Pest Control, may still be able to identify these exit holes.

Damaged Wallpaper Or Paint

Another common sign of termites in the home is damaged wallpaper or paint. This kind of damage can be hard to notice unless the wallpaper or paint is removed, which is why it’s most common for homeowners to spot termite damage during renovations. Nonetheless, unusual appearances or changes in wallpaper or paint could be an early sign of termite damage. Some things to watch out for include the following.

Mud Tubes

The most common sign of subterranean termites is the presence of mud tubes. Termites create mud tubes to protect themselves from the dryness in the air as they travel between the soil and food sources. Mud tubes are typically located near the foundations of homes and look like narrow, mud-colored veins. If you notice mud tubes or any other signs of termites around your property, don’t hesitate to contact Champion Termite & Pest Control today!


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