Facts about Termites You Need to Know

termites Termites in your home can cause devastating effects, especially if the presence of termites goes undetected for an extended period of time. The reason termites can have such a devastating impact on your home is simply because of their history as well as some of their basic characteristics. Knowing some of the basic facts about termites can help you better understand their habits in order to detect their presence and get the help you need from home termite treatment in St. Augustine, FL, before the damage is extensive. Here's what you need to know.

Termite Resilience

A basic fact about termites that contributes to their ability to cause so much damage is how resilient they are. Termites have been around for millions of years, which means they've survived some serious natural disasters with the ability to thrive in extremely harsh environments. While one termite may be easy enough to kill, the species itself has learned to adapt in order to perpetuate through millions of years.

Termite Work Ethic

Termites are an extremely hard-working species as well, much to the dismay of homeowners dealing with an infestation. Termites work 24/7 because they don't require sleep. That means that while you're blissfully unaware of the presence of termites, they're busy destroying your home while they build their nests, burrow, and tunnel throughout your home.

Working of Termite Colonies

Another characteristic of termites that allows them to easily infest a home is how their colonies work. A colony is founded by a king and queen, which, once they've shed their wings, begin a new colony. A queen can lay up to 30,000 eggs a day, which means she does nothing but lay eggs throughout her lifespan. These thousands of eggs hatch and quickly mature, which makes it easy for a termite infestation to spread quickly.

Termite Diet

As you likely know, termites survive on a diet of wood to keep their colonies strong. Drywood termites can survive on undamaged, dry wood, while subterranean termites typically infest wood that's been damaged by moisture. In any case, the termites eat the wood from the inside out, so significant damage can occur before you even realize. If you suspect the presence of termites, call professional termite treatment in St. Augustine, FL, right away.