Hornet Removal

While hornets are beneficial to the environment, they present a serious safety hazard to your house or business. They are aggressive, have a painful sting, and can trigger an allergic reaction. Hornets are territorial and will attack people and animals near their nests. Due to their aggressiveness, contact an experienced pest control company to safely and effectively remove a hornet infestation. Our comprehensive hornet removal services can rid your property of dangerous and annoying hornets.

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Signs of a Hornet Infestation

The more frequently you see hornets flying around your property, the more likely you have a nest nearby or on your home or business property. Spotting nests or hornets carrying materials for the nests, such as small pieces of wood or bark, clearly indicates an infestation. Active hornet nests can grow to 1-2 feet and house hundreds of hornets, where they live for up to a year. Therefore, a nest could be a nuisance to your household and continue to grow if left untreated.

Most Common Hornets In Florida

The Bald-Faced Hornet is the most common in Florida, known for its aggressive behavior and black and white colorings. They are in the yellowjacket family, although they do not share many lifestyle habits of the yellowjacket. They are large, flying insects that build large nests above the ground. Nests can be as large as footballs, and colonies can be home to nearly 400 hornets. They are most commonly found in the late summer months.

How To Prevent A Hornet Infestation

Hornets are attracted to sugary food and proteins, as well as foliage and wood they can use to build their nest. Keeping trash cans sealed and keeping your property clean can help prevent hornets and other pests. The most efficient way to prevent hornets and other pests from building nests on your property or in your home is to have regular pest control services scheduled. Monthly or quarterly inspections and treatments can deter hornets and prevent nests from forming.

How Champion Pest Control Can Help

A trained and experienced hornet exterminator can remove a hornet nest safely, providing lasting results. Compared to at-home remedies, professional pest control can better remove and keep the pest away. We will start by thoroughly inspecting your home or business and the surrounding property to locate nests and all the areas of concern. Champion is proud to provide safe and humane methods for removing pollinators, such as hornets. Once all the nests and hornets are removed from the area, we will complete further steps to prevent hornet nests in the future. You can trust our reliable hornet control services to keep you and your family safe from hornets and pests of all kinds. Contact us today at Champion Termite & Pest Control to schedule an appointment for Florida pest removal near you!


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When it comes to pest infestations, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Rest easy knowing that your property is pest-free with our pest control and extermination technicians. We offer free inspections and price quotes both for residential and commercial customers in Palatka, FL, and surrounding areas.

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