How to Differentiate between House Flies and Fruit Flies

Fruit fly
Unlike some other species of house pests, flies are not seasonal. If you live in Middleburg, FL, you may see flies in your home year-round. You may not realize there are several types of flies that thrive in the environment of your home. Two types of flies commonly found residential buildings are house flies and fruit flies. Here are a few ways to identify the differences between these two types of pests.

Size Matters

Fruit flies are the smaller of the two and grow to about one eighth of an inch in size. Their bodies have black rings. Their eyes are dark red. Houseflies are much larger and can grow to one quarter of an inch. Houseflies are grey, have stripes on their faces, and have large red eyes. Once you’ve identified each of these at least one time, you won’t mistake one for the other. If you’re still not sure what you’re looking at, call a company that provides pest control services in Middleburg, FL, for assistance.

Their Favorite Places to Hang Out

Fruit flies have a reputation for hanging out in the kitchen because they’re associated with fruit, or food sitting on counters. While they're attracted to the kitchen for that reason, they can be found anywhere in your home. They like moisture, so they’re drawn not only to ripe fruit on the counter, they’re attracted to wet mops, sponges, rags, and buckets that still contain water. Fruit flies also love garbage cans and the kitchen sink. Houseflies are a bit pickier about their food sources. They’re usually found near rotting food and garbage.

Do They Pose Health Risks?

Most people know houseflies are associated with health risks because they specialize in feeding on decaying food. Once food starts to rot, all kinds of bacteria show up including E. Coli and salmonella, which are both dangerous to humans. Many people don’t realize fruit flies can carry germs as well, so while they may not pose the same health risks as house flies, it pays to avoid ingesting them or letting them hang out in your home.

Both fruit flies and house flies are not welcome guests, especially in food areas. The difference in their appearance is significant. They both feed on food items, but houseflies like rotting garbage rather than over-ripe fruit. House flies are known to share germs with humans, which cause illness. With fruit flies, there is less certainty that a person can get sick after encountering or ingesting them. The key to understanding and dealing with both types of flies is to contact one of the pest control companies in Middleburg.