How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Car

Termites are a group of detritophagous eusocial insects that are known for consuming decaying plant material such as wood, foliage, and soil humus. These pests are infamous for the severe damage they can cause to property by eating through wood and weakening the structural integrity of buildings. What’s more, these pests can indirectly affect your and your family's health by spreading disease or causing damage that promotes mold growth in your home.

Knowing how to identify the presence of termites in your home is essential to preventing damage to your property. Below, the experienced exterminators with our pest control company outline four signs of early-stage termite damage.

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Clean Your Vehicle

Ants are resourceful scavengers. They will feed off of any crumbs they can find. The best way to deter ants from your car is by removing any sources of food or water. Vacuum the inside of your vehicle to remove hidden food debris or dust. You should also wipe down your car’s interior with wet wipes or a microfiber cloth. In a trash can or recycling bin, dispose of chip bags, wrappers, takeout containers, and all empty water bottles.

The best way to perform a full clean is at a local car wash. These businesses will have hoses, vacuums, and squeegees available for you to use. If you have free time in your schedule, visit one of these car washes to completely rinse your vehicle’s floor mats, tires, and windows. The entire process should only take a few hours, and now you will have a shiny, freshly clean car to drive around town!

Destroy Ant Nests

Ant mounds near your driveway, parking lot, or lawn can make it easy for these pests to invade your vehicle. You can safely remove ant nests surrounding your car by pouring boiling water or white vinegar into the mound’s openings.

If ant nest removal intimidates you, or if you have an allergy to ant bites, you can also temporarily park your car in a different spot. Ants commonly use pheromones and scent trails to navigate the world. They follow these trails in the hopes of finding nutrients and sustenance. By changing the location of your car, you are able to confuse the ants following these trails.

Place Ant Baits

Ant baits are an affordable way to kill these bothersome insects. The toxic bait in these small containers is specifically designed to be enticing to ants. To an ant, the sweet smell of the bait promises a delicious meal. However, after the ant colony consumes the bait, the poisonous material will cause them to die off quickly. This method is typically successful. Place these small, circular devices in your trunk and underneath your car’s seats.


Pest Control

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