How To Keep Spiders Out Of The Home

Spiders frequent the nightmares of many — the creepy crawlers are a hit subject of Hollywood horror films and novels. Contrary to their reputation, spiders are nature’s exterminators, killing small insects that would otherwise invade your space. That’s well and good, but spiders are still an unwelcome guest in the home and can pose a health risk if there’s too many of them. That’s when a pest control company steps in and takes care of the problem. Spiders can contaminate food in pantries or kitchens, or even present health risks from potential bites.

Spider Prevention In The Home

Before the spider problem gets out of hand, it’s critical to do what you can at home to remediate the issue. Frequently checking the outside of the home for these cracks and crawl spaces is imperative to spider pest control. There are a few other things you can do to stop spiders from getting into your home.

Spider Pest Control In Middleburg, FL

Seal Cracks

Spiders are tiny and can compress to fit through even the tiniest of cracks in the home. Check for damaged window screens or cracks in the siding through which spiders could crawl. During changes in weather and seasons, it’s necessary to inspect the home for damages which could create openings for spiders to enter.

Remove Spider Webs

Spiders inhabit areas where other spiders have already spun a web. If there are multiple webs in one part of the home, it could indicate a large group of insects living in that area. For this reason, it’s important to regularly clean the home, using dusters and brooms to destroy old spider webs and the leftover debris. Concentrate the dusting on ceiling and wall corners where spiders like to spin their webs. If the webs keep popping up, pest exterminators in Middleburg, FL should come to the property to rid the home of an underlying pest problem.

Inspect Items

Spiders take any opportunity they can get to invade your home, even through packages left at the door or groceries left in the driveway while unloading. They catch a free ride on these items and then find a spider-perfect spot in the home. Carefully inspect bags and packages for spiders before bringing them inside.

Keep Dark Places Clean

Spiders love dark and undisturbed areas where they have the time to spin intricate webs and catch prey. Pay attention to spaces like attics and basements that aren’t used as frequently as the rest of the home, and clean debris found in these areas. It’s also helpful to store clothing and shoes inside plastic containers — you definitely don’t want a spider living in your shoes!

Natural Spider Prevention Methods

There’s a plethora of at-home and natural spider prevention hacks, including the use of peppermint oil, a DIY repellant spray made out of essential oils and even spreading chestnuts in the home. While these methods sound environmentally friendly and safe, they are not proven to be as effective as pest control services in Middleburg provided by Champion Termite and Pest Control.

Contact A Pest Control Company

If there’s a full-on infestation in the home, contact professional exterminators at Champion Termite and Pest Control to schedule a free inspection or get advice about keeping the spiders away from your property. With over 30 years of experience fighting all kinds of pests in the Northeast Florida region, we can provide top-quality pest control treatment for a variety of pests and protect your home from damage.


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