Powderpost Beetle Treatment & Extermination Services

The term “powderpost beetle” refers to species of wood-boring beetles belonging to the insect family Bostrichidae and the subfamily Lyctidae. Powderpost beetles are notorious for breeding in dead wood and dried, cured lumber. This beetle gets the “powderpost” portion of its name as its larvae can feed on wood until it’s broken down to a powdery dust. Should these wood-boring beetles make their way onto a residential or commercial property, they can cause damage to wood products such as floors, molding, furniture, paneling, antiques, and more. Due to the damage that powderpost beetles can pose to homes and businesses, it’s recommended property owners seek the services of a local pest control company if they suspect an infestation.

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Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost Beetle Identification

Knowing how to identify powderpost beetles can help prevent powderpost beetles infestation. Fully-grown, adult powderpost beetles are typically reddish brown or red and incredibly slender. Powderpost beetles larvae are generally white or cream in color and are identifiable by their C shape. While being able to visually identify powderpost beetles can be incredibly useful, you don’t often see any beetles during an infestation. Instead, you will likely notice the piles of fine dust by the exit holes on the wood being eaten by the larvae.

Are Powder Post Beetles Dangerous?

In general, beetles are not dangerous insects, and powderpost beetles are no different. Powderpost beetles do not sting or bite and pose no direct physical harm to humans. However, they can pose an indirect threat to a business/homeowner’s wallet by causing severe damage to wooden belongings. Powderpost beetles are second only to termites when it comes to causing structural damage, which can be incredibly costly to repair. If you suspect you may have a powderpost beetle infestation, contact the bug exterminators with Champion Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible.

Signs Of Powderpost Beetles

The sooner a powderpost beetle infestation is caught, the sooner treatment can begin to prevent costly damage. As stated above, adult powderpost beetles are rarely spotted on their own, but the larvae which feed on wood around a property will surely leave signs of their presence. The following are a few common signs of powderpost beetle infestation.

  • Tiny Holes In Wood Surfaces
  • Piles Of Fine Powdery Dust On Wood Surfaces
  • Small Feces Near Wooden Areas
  • Inexplicably Decayed Or Crumbling Wood

How To Prevent Powderpost Beetle Infestation

Taking the necessary steps to prevent a powderpost beetle infestation is the best way to avoid suffering monetary losses from the damage they can cause. The following are a few practices home and business owners can implement to help prevent future powderpost beetle infestations.

  • Thoroughly inspect every piece of new wood entering the property. The most common way powderpost beetle infestations begin is by bringing infested wood onto a property. To prevent powderpost beetles, each piece of furniture or wood should be varnished, waxed, painted, and completely dried.
  • Make sure to store all wood products away from structures on the property, such as the home, barn, shed, or commercial building.
  • Use new wood when replacing structural joints in the home or business.
  • Addressing issues that cause excessive moisture around the property promptly is crucial to preventing powderpost beetle infestation. Maintaining good circulation and using dehumidifiers can help keep moisture around the home at reasonable levels.

Our 12-Step Home Pest Control Program

Using the latest pest management technologies and practices, our exterminators combine skill and experience to provide you with the highest level of service. We create customized extermination plans to eradicate pests from your property and prevent them from returning. Champion Termite & Pest Control utilizes a 12-step pest control program for integrated pest management. As part of our comprehensive pest control program, we bait behind wall plate covers where bugs thrive; treat cracks and crevices in hard-to-reach areas, such as plumbing; bait underneath appliances and in attics and crawl spaces; sweep down spider webs on property exteriors; and apply moisture-activated granules around the perimeter of properties. As part of our quality pest control services, we also provide a follow-up call two weeks after service to ensure the results are satisfactory and a reapplication of the exterior treatment six months following the initial treatment to ensure pests remain away.

  1. Bait Around Trees & Shrubs
  2. 3-Foot Band Of Moisture Activated Granule
  3. Sweep Down Exterior For Service
  4. Apply Clear Drying Barrier To Exterior
  5. Treat Attic & Crawl Space
  6. Inject Dust In Wall Outlets
  1. Inject Bath & Kitchen Kickplates
  2. Bait Under Heavy Appliances
  3. Treat Interior Cracks & Crevices
  4. Apply Gel Bait
  5. Ten-Day Follow-Up Service Call
  6. Six-Month Follow-Up*

*First Four Steps Repeated


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