Removing Drywood Termites From Your Home

Termites in your home is definitely a concerning problem, and termite infestations left unchecked can, unfortunately, cause serious damage to your home. You should always let professional pest control services in Middleburg, FL, address this problem.

Here's some information you need to know about the process pest control companies have to go through in order to see successful termite removal.

Drywood Termites

Wood Treatment

Drywood termites can only live inside the wood they consume. Therefore, an effective treatment for this type of termite must be able to penetrate the wood itself. This means that a liquid insecticide must be applied to the surface of the wood or injected into the wood. This treatment is used when the infestation is limited to a certain known area so that the termite nest itself can be targeted.


Unfortunately, many homeowners don't realize their home is infested with drywood termites until there are multiple colonies throughout the home. When there are numerous colonies, professionals will treat the entire house in order to take care of all the colonies. Fumigation is necessary in this case, which means all people, pets, plants, and even food must be removed from the house. The entire home is covered with a tent so that a gas can be pumped into the home. This gas, or fumigant, is effective because it's able to penetrate any area of the home where there could be termites or eggs.

Heat Or Cold Treatment

Termites are unable to live at temperatures of 120 degrees or -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Some pest control professionals will sometimes use either of these treatments when the infestation is localized. A portable heater is used to increase the temperature inside the wood to kill termites. Liquid nitrogen can also be used to lower the temperature to -20 degrees in order to kill the colony.

Preventing Termites

While removing termites effectively yourself may not be possible, you can take some preventive steps to reduce the likelihood of needing termite removal services. Keep water from pooling around the foundation and seal any cracks you can see. Store firewood away from the home and keep other debris clear. Know what the early signs of termites are so that you can get an inspection and help as soon as possible.


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