Subterranean Termites

Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage to homes and commercial properties in the United States every year. Subterranean termites are common across the United States except for Alaska and are especially widespread throughout Florida. Subterranean termites are one of the most destructive types of termites feeding on wood constantly, 24 hours a day, every day, with their saw-shaped teeth and jaw. These termites are known to cause critical structural damage that may result in the total loss of a building. It can be difficult for a non-professional to differentiate a subterranean termite from flying ants and other termites. Our experienced and knowledgeable pest control specialists can inspect and determine what pests are present, the severity of the infestation, and provide comprehensive termite treatment and removal. To learn more about our termite control services and schedule an initial inspection, contact us at Champion Termite & Pest Control today!

Drywood Termites

Signs Of A Subterranean Termite Infestation

It is common for termites to be present on a property for months or years before being noticed. Be mindful of termite infestation signs to help protect your home from termite damage, which can occur quickly and worsen every day. If you suspect termite damage, contact our reliable termite exterminators and schedule a termite inspection as soon as possible.

  • Mud Tubes. Subterranean termites create these long tunnels made of wood and soil on the exterior of a building, which they use to travel and protect themselves from the elements.
  • Wood Damage. Wood that sounds hollow when tapped or has darkening or blistering on it could indicate termite damage.
  • Feces. Termite excrement will resemble sawdust in small piles.
  • Wings. Discarded wings near doors or on windowsills could indicate swarmers have entered and infested the home.

How Termites Get Into Your Home

Subterranean termites live underground and are excellent at gaining access to your home without being detected. Unlike most types of termites, subterranean termites require contact with soil and will always enter from the ground. Homes with wood-to-ground contact are at the greatest risk for subterranean termites. They squeeze through cracks in your home less than a millimeter wide.

How Termite Control & Extermination Works

At Champion Termite & Pest Control, we have more than 30 years of experience protecting homes and businesses from termite infestations. We implement proven pest and termite removal techniques to exterminate termites and prevent further damage. Termite pest control begins with a comprehensive inspection performed by our experienced pest control specialists. We inspect the inside and outside of the property for any signs of termites and potential access points that may lead to a termite infestation. Then, we create a custom treatment plan to efficiently remove and treat the termite infestation. Part of this process is utilizing sprays and termiticides registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our knowledgeable pest removal specialists will help you understand the best practices to prevent future termite infestations on your property. Annual pest inspections and periodic pest control treatments are excellent places to start. If you suspect a termite infestation on your property, contact a licensed pest control professional at Champion Termite & Pest Control to schedule an initial inspection today!


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Featuring targeted termite treatments and prevention services, Champion Termite & Pest Control offers the most advanced solutions to even the most complex termite problems. We provide complete termite extermination, removal, and prevention services for long-term property protection against recurring infestations.

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