Why Do Bugs Come Inside When It Gets Cold?

As the chill of winter sets in, one may notice an unwelcome guest scurrying across the kitchen floor or spinning a web in the corner of the room. The question arises, why do bugs come inside when it gets cold? The answer lies in their survival instincts. The dropping temperatures and decrease in insect activity outside prompt many pests to seek shelter indoors, where they can find warmth, moisture, and a source of food. This natural behavior, known as harborage, can be a nuisance for homeowners, but understanding the motivation behind it can help in preventing insect infestations. Noticing pests indoors this winter? Don’t wait! Contact our reliable pest control company, Champion Termite and Pest Control, for comprehensive pest control services and request a free estimate today.


Bugs Adapt to Seasonal Changes

As the cold season sets in, some bugs seek shelter from changes in their habitat. They seek out warm environments, such as homes and buildings, to survive the winter. Bugs have evolved over time to adapt to seasonal changes, where they hibernate in their nymphal, larval, or egg stages, burrow in leaf litter, or hide under loose barks. Colder temperatures slow the metabolism of insects, causing them to reduce their physical activity. This instinctive behavior allows them to conserve resources and adapt to the colder weather patterns. Interestingly, bugs also release chemicals that alert their counterparts of the potential shelter in a warm environment. This reaction can result in massive infestations.

Some Bugs Come South For Winter

Some species of pests may make their way south to warmer climates. This is particularly true of some species that are normally found in colder regions, such as boxelder bugs and cluster flies. These pests often migrate to more temperate climates, such as Florida, to escape the frigid temperatures. Many species are able to make the trip thanks to adaptation mechanisms such as thermoregulation, which refers to the internal regulation of body temperature. Insects regulate their temperature within specific ranges to optimize body functions efficiently. This skill enables them to adapt to seasonal changes without a drastic temperature shock that would stress their survival. The changes in weather patterns trigger the release of an innate adaptation mechanism that guides bugs to warmer climates or shelters where they can maintain an optimal lifestyle.

How To Keep Pests Away This Winter

Bugs have a natural instinct to seek shelter in the colder months to preserve their energy and survive until spring. This means that our cozy homes can become the perfect hiding spot for these unwanted guests. There are steps you can take to keep pests away this winter.

Year-round pest prevention strategies, such as making sure your home is well-sealed and moisture is under control, can make a large impact when winter comes. Additionally, be vigilant about what you bring into your home. Remember to carefully inspect all items, whether it be groceries or wood for the fireplace, for any bugs hitchhiking along. Most importantly, preventative pest control services can efficiently and dramatically reduce the chances of pests entering your home. By following these tips, you can keep your home warm and pest-free throughout the winter months and all year round.


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