Fire Ant Control & Extermination

Fire ants are reddish-colored stinging ants, as reflected by the word “fire” in its name, which can measure 1.6–5 mm in length. They can be identified by their dull, red coloration, ranging from red-brown to red-black. The bite and sting these ants deliver give them their name. A fire ant infestation can be difficult to control for several reasons. Because these pests can be a danger to humans and pets alike, it’s a good idea to contact a pest control company as soon as possible regarding solutions to control them. Contact us today to schedule a free property inspection and to receive a complimentary service quote.

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Fire Ants

What Is A Fire Ant?

The fire ant, or Solenopsis invicta, also sometimes referred to as the red fire ant or red imported fire ant, is a medium-sized red, brown, or black-colored ant that builds mounds, rarely larger than 18 inches in diameter in soft soil. When disturbed, fire ants emerge aggressively and crawl up vertical surfaces, biting and stinging the cause of the disturbance, possibly leaving a white pustule on the skin. These ants can vary in size from one-sixteenth of an inch or almost a quarter inch in length and can be identified by the presence of jaws, stingers, and red-brown or red-black-colored bodies, which are ypically dull in tone. The fire ant bite and sting gives the pest its name, producing sensations resembling skin exposure to fire. Fire ants can sometimes be dangerous for humans and pets, so seeking professional help to control them is critical to getting rid of them.

Signs Of A Fire Ant Infestation

Fire ants favor warm and sunny environments, particularly dry fields. They avoid shady areas like woods. The mounds they produce can grow up to 61 centimeters in diameter, reaching 18 centimeters in height. A colony of fire ants can contain hundreds of thousands of ants, including at least one queen ant. Red imported fire ants can also move into yards and landscapes due to infested nursery plants or grass sod being used within the area’s landscaping. Because red ant colonies can grow large enough to extend across several nearby properties, controlling and preventing fire ants can be challenging. A common sign of fire ant activity is the presence of worker and swarmer ants. Another sign is the presence of mounds, typically visible after recent rainfall.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants & Prevention

Fire ants typically nest in the ground. Large fire ant colonies can have a quarter of a million workers. These ants are very active, aggressive, and will sting any intruding person or animal aggressively and repeatedly. These stings are painful and can kill young wildlife.  To avoid bites and stings outside of the home, you should be cautious and observant of where you step and place foods and drinks, among other items. If you spot a fire ant mound on your property, keep an eye on the ground to watch for activity among these ants. These ants are omnivorous and can eat meats as well as greasy and sweet items. They can eat animal and non-animal food sources.

Generally, fire ants can readily consume dead animals, no matter if they are the cause of that animal’s death. The total time from egg to adult fire ant averages 30 days, and worker ants can live up to 180 days. Controlling them can be difficult, especially without professional help. We recommend contacting Champion Termite & Pest Control, Inc. for premier pest control solutions and preventative methods for your fire ant problem! Contact us today to schedule an inspection!

Professional Fire Ant Extermination

Severe fire ant infestations are common, particularly in areas throughout North Central Florida, and they can be a troublesome nuisance in homes, business landscapes, and gardens. While prevention methods can help stop infestations, hiring pest control services can be your best bet for effectively getting rid of fire ant larvae and fire ant eggs to help them stop reproducing. Our fire ant exterminators will target the adults, worker ants, swarmers, and queen(s), so you can rest easy and avoid having to worry about their painful bites and stings, as well as ensure they do not return to your property. Contact us today to schedule a fire ant pest control appointment!


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