What Are Powderpost Beetles?

April 13th, 2016

Any type of pest infestation can be frustrating and overwhelming to eliminate. Being able to know the signs, damages, and how to treat the issue is something that all homeowners should learn so that they can be prepared if anything were to happen in their own home. There are many options of how to deal with pest control in Palatka, FL. Taking the issue seriously is the first step in eliminating the problem and finding a Palatka pest exterminator.

What is a Powderpost Beetle?

A group of multiple species of beetles is what creates powderpost beetles. This name comes from the idea that the beetles feed upon wood and can eventually reduce the wood to a mass of flour-like fine powder. This doesn’t only cause issues with a house or building, but also with any surrounding trees in the particular area. These insects are typically a reddish-brown/black color. They usually aren’t longer than ¼ of an inch, but have the potential to grow that large.

Signs of Infestation

A sign that infestation may happen is lack of moisture control. Powderpost beetles like moist areas within the wood, especially with moisture levels higher than 14 percent. Some wood may not be stored or dried properly and should be avoided in any sort of building project. If there are leaks in a structure, then it’s possible that the infestation will also begin if it is not taken care within a reasonable amount of time. Early detection can happen if you begin to notice holes or wood damage in a tunneling type pattern. Since these types of beetles damage the wood slowly, it’s okay to take the time to watch and see if the wood damage continues to determine whether or not you truly have an active pest infestation. It is also recommended that you have better ventilation to prevent the infestation altogether.

Getting Rid of Powderpost Beetle Infestation

After you have taken the necessary steps in determining whether or not you have an active infestation, you are on your way to fixing the problem and moving forward. The only way to completely remove the issue is to remove the wood and replace the piece. The wood can be treated, but if there is still moisture inside, chances are the beetles will come back at some point. Given the natural weather, moisture is completely unpreventable with the humidity. Hiring a Palatka pest exterminator will be your best bet in eliminating the problem and finding a way to prevent infestations in the future.