6 Reasons Why A Clean House Can Still Attract Roaches

Keeping your home clean and tidy is important for a myriad of reasons, including the prevention of pests such as ants, mice, and especially roaches. These pests are constantly looking for a source of food, water, and a place to hide, making messy homes filled with crumbs, dirty dishes, and clutter the perfect oasis for these pests.

Most homeowners believe that by keeping their home tidy, they’ll be free of these pests, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. With many pests being highly proficient in finding all the resources they need, even a clean home can fall victim to a pest infestation.

Exterminator Eliminating Roaches From A Home

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Unsecured Items In The Pantry

Pantries are the perfect place for pests to make their home. They’re dark, full of food, and are typically only used a handful of times a day, meaning pests are often left undisturbed and free to wreak havoc. Food that’s left in thin plastic or cardboard can easily be chewed through by roaches, allowing them to feast on food that is left in the pantry. To prevent roaches from making their way into your spare dry goods, use plastic or glass containers for storing all food, especially if it has been opened.

Dark, Damp Areas

Some of the most common areas prone to roast infestation are dark, damp spaces and crevices throughout the household. Places such as an attic space or unused areas in a garage are notorious hiding spots for roaches, as they provide plenty of space to hide. Since these areas are most often used for storage, it's best to clear out clutter or unnecessary items at least a few times a year to reduce the number of hiding spots available for these pests. Moist areas or areas throughout the house with leaks, such as the bathroom, are also perfect for these pests, as they’ll drink the water dripping from the appliances. Fixing leaky appliances is not only good for the water bill, but it also helps prevent pests from having a convenient oasis inside your home.

Messy Landscaping

Even if the interior of your home is spotless, it may be the outdoor areas surrounding your home that are attracting roaches. Roaches aren’t picky when it comes to what they eat, which may include overgrown leaves, dead or decaying plants, leftover mulch, among other things found in your yard. Gutters, flower pots, birdbaths, and other common pieces of garden furniture that retain water are also known to attract roaches. If you start to notice roaches indoors and your outdoor areas are cluttered with debris and standing water, it’s likely that roaches are also living right outside your home. Take some time to clean the gutters, clear out any standing water, remove debris, and trim back overgrown grass and other vegetation found throughout your yard.

Unsealed Cracks & Crevices

Roaches love to hide in hard-to-reach spaces — under the fridge, cracks in the foundation, behind cabinets, or a myriad of other crevices that can be found throughout a home. Roaches tend to try to go undisturbed, and these areas are typically forgotten about, meaning they are also seldom cleaned. Crumbs or other food debris that fall under the fridge or behind the stove are often overlooked when cleaning but can make a delicious meal for roaches. If possible, take some time to clean out behind these appliances and fill in any cracks or other crevices that are found throughout your home. If these locations can’t be easily reached, a professional pest control exterminator can help place traps to catch these unwanted pests.

The Local Climate

No matter how hard homeowners try, roaches are a stubborn pest and can be incredibly hard to get rid of without the help of a professional exterminator. Due to Florida’s hot and humid climate, roaches are going to be a year-round pest, and even the cleanest of homes can succumb to their presence. If you start to notice roaches inside your home, it’s important to be proactive. Try out these tips to get rid of cockroaches and if the issue still persists, contact our pest exterminators in Starke, FL.

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