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Termite infestations are no joke, especially if it’s a Formosan termite infestation. These termites are known for their ability to damage wood structures quickly and require expert termite treatment and extermination to eradicate. Champion Termite & Pest Control offers comprehensive termite treatment and protection plans for all species of termites and can keep your home or business safe. Contact us today to schedule a free property inspection and receive a complimentary service quote.

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Formosan Termites

What Are Formosan Termites?

A subterranean type of termite, Formosan termites are one of the most destructive species in the United States and should be taken very seriously by homeowners and businesses. While they don’t consume wood faster than other species of termite, their vast numbers mean they can destroy wood in higher volumes within a shorter time. Their ability to reproduce quickly can have infestation numbers in the millions. There are several types of termite species, such as drywood termites, and knowing which type of termite is in your home is important for accurate treatment and extermination. That’s why it’s best to contact a professional pest control company for proper pest identification and control.

Signs Of Formosan Termites

Formosan termite swarmers, or alates, are active during late spring to early summer, are approximately 5/16 inch in length, including their wings, and are yellowish-brown in color. Swarmers will emerge during termite season for reproductive purposes and can be signify an existing infestation. While swarmers look like flying ants, there are some distinguishing features to be aware of to help you determine the difference between termites and flying ants. Unlike winged ants, Formosan swarmers have straight antennae, front and hind wings that are equal in length, and a straight-sided waist rather than segmented.

If the termites have already infested your home, you may notice other signs, including a hollow-sounding wall or other wooden structures, sagging areas in a wall or flooring, blistered paint, and mud tubes on walls or around baseboards. You may see the termites, which look like small, white ants with long torsos. The soldiers have rounded heads, unlike indigenous subterranean termites, with rectangular heads. Formosan termites most often appear near window sills, around doorways, in attics, under porches, or in damp patches of landscaping.

If you notice any signs of a termite infestation, contact a Formosan termite exterminator right away.

Do I Need To Call A Formosan Termite Exterminator?

Once a termite colony has a hold in your home, infestations can grow out of control, causing thousands of dollars in damages, which is why it’s important to be proactive against termite infestations by scheduling annual termite inspections with pest exterminators. A professional exterminator will be familiar with the signs of a termite infestation that are easy to miss, will be able to properly identify the species of termite, and can administer safe and effective termite extermination.

Benefits Of Professional Formosan Termite Pest Control & Prevention

Formosan termite infestations can spread faster than other types of termite infestations, so prompt treatment is essential. Unfortunately, once you notice the signs of an infestation, the damage has already been done. Scheduling prevention, inspection, and home termite treatment from Champion Termite & Pest Control can save you money while keeping your home or business safe from pests. Our pest removal company offers complete pest control services, including a termite protection plan. Contact us today with any questions or to enroll!

  • Top-shelf, name-brand termiticides such as Termidor® and Premise
  • Free inspections and treatments after initial treatment and annual renewal fee
  • EPA-registered and approved termiticides
  • Up to $250,000 in damage repair coverage for qualifying structures
  • Inspections and treatments performed by termite control technicians
  • Peace-of-mind knowing your property is fully protected


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