Keep Summertime Pests Under Control

Residents of the Sunshine State are no strangers to the pesky critters that pop up during the summer months. While only a slight nuisance when met outside, these summertime pests can quickly takeover a home, potentially leading to severe structural damage or the spread of diseases. And once they’ve invaded, getting these multi-legged guests to leave can be incredibly difficult. Keep your home bug-free this summer and follow these pest control tips from our exterminators at Champion Termite & Pest Control

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Common Types Of Summer Pests


Keep an eye out for clear, discarded wings in and around your home. Termites begin swarming during the spring, and these pests tend to gravitate towards damaged wood and bright lights when searching for a new place to feed and nest. Once inside, termites can begin eating away at the structure of the home, leading to potentially thousands of dollars in damages. If termites have begun infesting your home, exterminators that specialize in termite pest control can help eradicate the issue, and prevent further damage from befalling your property.


These crumb-chasing pests tend to find their way into cupboards and other kitchen areas, much to the dismay of the household residents. While typically only a mild inconvenience that can be easily handled, ants can quickly infest animal food bowls and improperly sealed storage containers. Even worse, certain species of ants can be aggressive or even cause damage to a home’s interior. If ant colonies still persist after other at-home treatment methods have been attempted, seeking out the help of a pest control company may alleviate the pest problem.


Spiders love to make their home in dark and infrequently disturbed areas — overlooked corners, leftover boxes, accumulated clutter, and other hidden areas in and around a home can be the perfect spot for a spider to set up its web. For some, these eight-legged arachnids may be welcomed as nature’s natural pest-control agents, while for others these creepy crawlies can be a terrifying, and even dangerous, horror that has made its way inside. Regardless of how you feel, if spiders have taken up residence inside your home, it may be a sign of other pests lingering around the area. Our professional exterminators can assist in removing these pests before they become a larger concern.


Commonly seen as the most ‘dirty’ indoor pest, roaches are more than just an inconvenient guest. These bacteria-ridden insects love to feast on leftover scraps and standing water that may be found in or around the house and can easily spread diseases while they make their way through a home. With plenty of warm and moist spaces available to them, roaches are experts at hiding in small spaces throughout a home, making them difficult to spot and treat. Pest exterminators can determine where these roaches have made their home and eliminate their presence from a property.

Tips For Managing Florida Pests

Keep Indoor And Outdoor Spaces Clean

Cluttered and dirty environments are the perfect feeding grounds for pests. Wipe down lingering messes, such as food or drink residue, and keep kitchen areas free of scraps and dirty dishes to prevent insects from feasting inside your home. Debris such as unused wood or stone should also be removed, as these dark, dank places can make for a perfect hiding spot for bugs.

Remove Access To Your Home

Insects are incredibly crafty, and can find small, hard-to-spot entryways that are easy for the human eye to look over. Remove any vegetation that is close to your home, as it’s likely that pests are hiding in these plants and making their way indoors in events of severe weather. Repair any tears found in screen doors and windows, and look for gaps or holes leading outdoors that may be used by pests looking to get inside.

Use Natural Pest Deterrents 

For homeowners looking for natural pest repellents, there are a wide array of options that don’t require the use of traditional insecticides. Most pests are incredibly sensitive to strong scents, such as the smell of vinegar, and diluted solutions can be easily sprayed in areas where bugs are nesting or entering a home. Certain plants, like lavender, have also been shown to be successful at keeping pests at bay while having the added benefit of being a pleasant-looking home addition.

Contact A Pest Control Company

If a pest infestation has overtaken your property and other control methods have proven ineffective, then our exterminators in Palatka, FL can remedy the situation. With more than 30 years of experience providing pest control services to the greater Northeast Florida region, we can provide treatment for a range of common pests, protecting your home from pest damage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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When it comes to pest infestations, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Rest easy knowing that your property is pest-free with our pest control and extermination technicians. We offer free inspections and price quotes both for residential and commercial customers in Palatka, FL, and surrounding areas.

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