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We’ll Inspect, Identify, and Exterminate Any Pest in Your Home

Pest Control in Jacksonville, Middleburg, St. Augustine, Green Cove Springs, & Orange Park

Suspect that you have a pest infestation, but aren’t sure what kind of pests they are? Just contact Champion Termite & Pest Control in Palatka, FL. We’ll come to your home and inspect your property, identify the pests, and offer you options for how to proceed with extermination. We service the areas of Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, St. Augustine, and Green Cove Springs.

And of course, we offer the best pest control services available, with a 100% service guarantee. If the pests aren’t completely removed from your home after the first treatment, we’ll return and treat your home again for no extra charge. Our goal is to give you a completely pest-free home, and we’re committed to delivering exactly that.

Every Pest Gone for Good–Guaranteed

Whether you have fire ants, termites, or scorpions on your property, our expert pest exterminators are more than qualified and have the tools necessary to get rid of those pesky home invaders for good. Here are just a few of the pests that we commonly encounter and exterminate:

Our experts will be able to identify your pest problem and the stage of the infestation. This will help to guide us as we treat your home and make it a safe, pest-free environment once again. No matter what pest has made itself at home on your property, we guarantee that we can get rid of them–permanently.

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