Champion termite & Pest Control

Serving Middleburg, FL


We hope that you contact us at Champion Termite & Pest Control at the first sign of unwanted pests on your property. Instead of spraying store-bought poisons across your floor or down your drains, leaving out traps that can harm your pets, or fearfully moving throughout your property in hopes that you do not happen upon nasty critters, contact our pest control experts first. We have the expertise, tools, and knowledge of pest behavior to track and eliminate unwanted creatures that are common in the Florida landscape. Whether you need a spider removal expert or a cockroach exterminator in Middleburg, we can assist you in the following ways.

What We Do

We eliminate all kinds of pests, from unwanted crickets to destructive drywood termites and deadly brown recluse spiders. Our experts can:

  • Bait pests of all shapes and sizes

  • Treat hard-to-reach areas to deter pests

  • Eliminate webs and nests

  • Apply repellents on common entry points

  • Assess your property for cracks and leaks that allow for pest entry

  • Offer advice on how to avoid attracting bugs

  • Treat your yard without harming the natural environment

Termite Control

Because termites are particularly destructive and nest by the thousands, it takes special expertise to remove them. We offer several termite treatment options, including:

  • Keen inspections to locate termite damage

  • Preventative control to keep your structure safe from termite invasions

  • Top-of-the-line termiticides that are specially made to kill all species of termites

  • Thorough termite elimination—we won’t leave a single bug behind

  • Free follow-up inspections to keep your property termite-free for life

Unlike ordinary termite control companies in Middleburg, FL, our professionals do more than spray for termites. We will track their movements, identify termite activity, eliminate entire nests, and keep new termites from entering the property.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are among the most difficult-to-remove pests. Bed bug problems can overwhelm entire neighborhoods, leaving you a victim of disease-spreading bites when you sleep in your own bed. We can:

  • Inspect your property for signs of bed bugs

  • Eliminate their debris with specialized vacuums

  • Clear infested areas with our state-of-the-art thermal bed bug treatment, which is fast, thorough, and environmentally safe

  • Use environmentally friendly insecticides on densely infested sites

  • Stay in touch with you to ensure every last bed bug has been removed

At the first sign of a bed bug, pest control experts should begin treatment on your property. We offer same-day services so you can reclaim your home from swarms of bed bugs as soon as possible.

Friendly and Dedicated Service

We know that you have many options for local pest control in Middleburg. But we hope that you turn to Champion Termite & Pest Control for thorough pest removal and excellent customer service. We are just as dedicated to attracting faithful customers as we are to deterring unwanted pests. That is why we have courteous customer advocates, friendly pest removal experts, and a confident guarantee that our services will take care of your pest problem the first time. That is why we will contact you 2 weeks after we treat your property for pests—just to make certain you are happy with the results and have been living pest-free. If not, call us back and we will happily return to eliminate all signs of unwanted pests and keep them from coming back.